Product Specifications

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Model Memory:

When you’re an RC expert at the top of your game, you need a transmitter that can keep up. The DX18 does that and more with extensive programming for airplanes, helis and sailplanes as well as real-time telemetry and the flexibility of X-Plus channel expansion.

Attention: Horizon Hobby has confirmed that all Spektrum Products being sold by KoKo Technology are counterfeit. We consider it a danger to use these products, waive all liability and will not support any warranty or service in regards to them.

Gallery & Highlights

Adjustable Stick Length and Tension

Get exactly the control feel you want without having to open up the transmitter case.

Key Features

  • 50 Model Memory
  • Built-In Telemetry with Vibe Alerts
  • Extensive Airplane, Helicopter and Sailplane Programming
  • Timer Throttle or Switch Start
  • Region Settings for Global Compliance
  • 16 Programmable Mixes
  • Flap Delay and Elevator Compensation
  • 10 Airplane Wing Types
  • 6 Airplane Tail Types
  • 4 Airplane and Heli Flight Modes
  • Dual Rates and Expo
  • Active Gyro Trim
  • 7-Point Heli Throttle Curve
  • 7-Point Heli Pitch Curve
  • 7-Point Heli Tail Curve
  • 6 Swash Plate Types
  • Swash Plate Timing
  • 5 Sailplane Wing Types
  • 3 Sailplane Tail Types
  • 10 Sailplane Flight Modes
  • Global Charging System