Listing of 2017 Events

Event name Date Type Info
Charmouth Spring Funfly April 1st and 2nd Fun Fly
Harlington Fun Fly April 30th Funfly + Competition
Euro Heli Series F3C competition May 13th and 14th Competition
Zone Format <TBC> Competition
Scottish Model Helicopter Nationals June 3rd and 4th Competition
Red Lodge Scale Flyin June 4th FunFly
Euro Heli Series F3C competition June 10th and 11th Competition
Sumners Ponds Model Show June 10th and 11th Funfly
Weston Park Model Show June 16th to 18th Competition
Milton Keynes Grass Roots <TBC> Competition
Global 3D Venlo July 7th to 9th Competition
Helifest July 28th to 30th Funfly + Competition
Air Competition / White Horse FunFly <TBC> Competition
Euro Heli Series F3C competition September 9th and 10th Competition
EMHC Scale Day September 10th Funfly + Len Mount Competition
3D Championship <TBC> Competition
Charmouth Autumn Funfly <TBC> Funfly