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Stingray 500 by Curtis Youngblood



Curtis Youngblood has created the first full 3d quadcopter.

Full collective pitch 3D quadcopter allows for flight inforward, backward, sideways directions, and maneuvers such as but not limited to loops, rolls, etc.. What does this mean for a quad? Fully aerobatic FPV, for one, and general sport/competition flying previously not possible in sustained maneuvers on multi-rotor machines.

3DFlying Tested On Model -Tic-toc, Pirouetting Aerobatics, Kaos, Hurricane, Funnel, etc!!



3D Cup 2014

The 3D CUP 2014 heli contest is coming back for its fifth edition. This event has become a must join for both pilots who love to push hard their heli and spectators who enjoy this amazing show. But, most of all, the “3D CUP” is a great opportunity to have fun and learn a lot from all other pilots.
Don’t miss it!

To All Club Members

As all club members will all have learnt by now the club fees have remained remain fixed yet again, as the past seven years, being £50 for ordinary membership and £25 for senior or junior membership. For new members wishing to join, the joining fee has also remained at the previous years rate of £60. Renewal forms and details have been sent out and time is fast running out for them to be returned. Remember renewals are due BY 1st January 2014.

Our membership fees must be one of the lowest available in the south of England, especially for our senior members and with the facilities on offer at the field represent the best value available.

For any member who has not seen the new committee member list for 2014 the post are shown shown below. :-

President – Ali Newman (new position)
Chair -Graham Statham
Treasurer – Peter Palin.
Secretary – Ian Myler Falla
Web Admin – Gareth Cairns
Safety Officer – Peter Grey
Acoustics – Peter Grey
Groundsman – Alan Bunton
Newsletter – Vacant
Ordinary Member – Danny Lock
Ordinary Member – Ray Killgallon

Two trophies were awarded at the meeting as shown below:-.

The John Strachen Memorial Trophy is open only to non-committee members and is given as the highest achievement award. This year it was presented to Paul Cahoon

The Les Davies Memorial Trophy is open to all and is for the member who demonstrated exceptional service to the club. This year the award was made to Peter Palin together with his good lady wife.

I would like to thank Ali Newman for all his hard work as Chair of the club since it’s inception. Ali has done a fantastic job in being the voice of moderation during some difficult times and I am going to have a hard time following his act.

I am please to say that the website is now going to be updated by Gareth. It is going to be completely new and I have been excited by the beta version I have seen. It will certainly be a big advance over the meager offering I have managed for the past few years.

Graham Statham